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Selling on Shopify has never been more awesome. You can now have access to various shopify packages to give you a better selling experience and help you offer more value to your Customers.



$ 999

  • All Native Shopify Functionality
  • Pre-Built Theme Implementation
  • Admin Panel Configuration
  • Catalog Setup Consultation
  • Payment Gateway Configuration
  • Shipping Configuration
  • Drag-and-drop editing capabilities


$ 2,999

  • All in the Lite Package
  • Blog Feature
  • Custom Designed Theme
  • Data Migration Services
  • SEO Consultation
  • Style Guide


Contact Sales

  • All in the Advanced Package
  • Customer Group Pricing
  • Login restricted content
  • Store operations automation via Shopify Flow
  • Scheduled sales and theme changes via Shopify Launchpad

Shopify Add-ons

Not every Shopify store design can use the packages. Therefore, some add-ons are available to help you customise your package to meet your needs when you want to create or build a Shopify store.

Conversion Rate Optimization

XtreemSolution will design & implement features and functionalities which will lead your customers to the thank you page.

Acquisition & Retention

XtreemSolution will help you win new customers & increase purchasing of existing customers via key strategies and tools.


All decisions should be made with implemented script and data. We will implement advanced analytics with custom event and goal tracking for better understanding of customers behavior etc.. We will implement code and script and advanced user behavior analytics to track user interest, location, page view and behavior etc.

Customer Support

It will help your team to provide world-class customer service via our customer support packages We can also have integrated live chat support on your website

Automated Data Transfer
Via Scripts

A script to extract your data from your existing system and translate that data to Shopify. That data can be the following but not limited to:

  • Customers
  • Reviews
  • Orders
  • Content Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Rewards
  • Images
  • Collections
  • Products
  • Metafields
  • Attributes
  • Coupon Codes
  • Promotions

Feature Options

Take your store to next level by integrating these features.

Store Locator

It will show the store locations from where your customers can buy your products.

Custom ERP Integration

XtreemSolution can custom build one directional or two directional ERP integration.

Custom CRM Integration

XtreemSolution can custom build one directional or two directional CRM integration.

App Installation & Configuration

XtreemSolution will install and configure apps of your choice so that you can quickly add robust Shopify functionality to your website.

Additional Admin Panel

We can help you to use the Shopify admin panel functionality to its highest level.

  • Customer Group Pricing
  • Create Admin Users and Roles
  • Promotions
  • Catalog
  • Orders
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Multi-store
  • Fulfillment
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-Language
  • Any Other Admin Panel Help Needed

Site Speed

We can optimize your site by helping you minify CSS, Javascript, reduce image sizes, and many other things that can help with site speed.

  • Minify CSS
  • Minify Javascript
  • Compress images
  • Improve Caching & Indexing
  • Install CDN
  • Compression Audit
  • Reduce Redirects
  • Minify HTML
  • Asynchronous Loading
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Hosting
  • CSS Delivery

Value Capture Options

Increase more revenue by integrating these value capture options to your site.


It can take recurring orders and allow the user to change their subscription. You can have several subscription such as monthly, weekly yearly, etc.

Advanced Shipping Rule Configuration

We can configure advanced shipping rules so that rates are determined via rules and parameters you want to optimize. We can also configure additional shipping options or integrate and configure an extension.

Ebay & Amazon Marketplace Integration

We can integrate and configure an eBay and Amazon integration so that Shopify products automatically populate in eBay and Amazon. The integration will also sync inventory so merchandise bought on Amazon will reduce stock in Shopify and vice versa.

Social Login

It will allow users to sign up or login easily with social media like Google, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Google Tag Manager Configuration

We can integrate and configure your Google Tag Manager in order to consolidate and track everything you need.

Marketing & Seo Optimization

We can optimize your site for conversions and SEO via page title optimization, design improvements, pop ups, and much more.

Shopify Packages Comparison

Specifications Basic Professional Premium
Pre-Built Theme arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Custom Designed Theme arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Drag-and-drop Theme Editor arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Mobile Responsive arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Data Migration Services arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Customer Group Pricing arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Login Restricted Content arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Mega Menu arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Live Chat arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Blog arrow-image arrow-image arrow-image
Back in Stock Notification Form arrow-image banner-image banner-image
Product Reviews banner-image banner-image banner-image
Apple Pay banner-image banner-image banner-image
Google Pay banner-image banner-image banner-image
Paypal banner-image banner-image banner-image
3rd Party Payment Gateway banner-image banner-image banner-image
Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates banner-image banner-image banner-image
Product Specific Shipping Rates and Restrictions banner-image banner-image banner-image
Google Analytics banner-image banner-image banner-image
Google Tag Manager banner-image banner-image banner-image

Shopify Experts

XtreemSolution built some of the biggest and most technical Shopify sites on the internet. A capable team of developers are on standby to ensure you get any assistance you need.

B2B & B2C Expertise

XtreemSolution works with some of the biggest manufacturers in the United States and some popular retailers.

They understand some of the challenges some of these organisations encounter, and therefore, have expertise in B2B and B2C relations.

Proven experience

After launching over one hundred websites and serving over a hundred clients, XtreemSolution is no doubt a company with experience.

They are also experienced Shopify experts and Shopify web developers. You can trust XtreemSolution with your Shopify websites today!

Full Service Capabilities

XtreemSolution will not only build your website for you but will also help you with management and marketing and Shopify web development after launch.

They can also create a Shopify development store for you and manage it properly.

Fluid Responsive Design Experts

XtreemSolution has a reputation for producing flexible websites that are fluid responsive to aid viewing during mobile-optimization. They produce the best designs so far.

Shopify Partners

XtreemSolution is a top partner with Shopify and can produce any kind of Shopify websites ranging from the easy ones to the more complex ones. They are indeed a reliable Shopify development company

Ecommerce Experts

XtreemSolution has been into Ecommerce since 2008 and has built expertise so far. They have also helped many with Shopify Ecommerce website development and delivered impressively.

SEO Background

XtreemSolution has a track record of effectiveness in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). They are experts in SEO and can assist you whichever way.


Yes, they do! XtreemSolution provides warranty for any Shopify web design in the event of any issue, to fix such issues at no cost.

Customer Feedbacks. Our Motivation & Driving Force.

Rated 4.9/5 by 490+ clients for our development services on different platforms.

Flexibility, my project is complex and they were able to make all the small changes to make it not only work, but work in ...

David Glattstein Founder

I’m very impressed…. They have the expertise to bring your development project to life. Positive user experience demonstrates Xtreem Solution’s expertise in creating a professional product. They provided helpful and consis...

William Deng Co-Founder & CTO

Very satisfied with Xtreem Solution because of their technical knowledge and excellent communication skills and recommends...

Kyle Hill CTO

“I have to admit I was very skeptical about using a site like Elance to get work done from people I would never be able to...

Jason legoff Co-Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

We simply send out a master services agreement and the addendum covering your package details via Docusign. Once you sign the contracts we will set up an orientation call with our project manager to get the process started. We will also send out an onboarding form to get all the information we need to get started!
Can you support my site after it launches?
Absolutely! We are a full-service agency and can provide both simple maintenance support as well as ongoing site improvement support. We can work with you to determine what type of support makes the most sense for your specific situations and business needs.
Yes, you will have to pay to register a domain and pay a monthly Shopify package cost. There may also be additional fees for certain Shopify apps and other third party technologies if they are required for your project.
Each package will have 3 payments split up as a down payment, a payment due in the middle of the project, and the payment due for completion.
You own the entire website code, design files, and all the work we do for your Shopify website. We can give you all of the files we have worked on if requested because you own the work we have done for you.
Maintenance and improvement costs are completely up to you. We offer a flexible hourly support model that requires no minimum. However, we recommend spending at least a few hours each month to update your theme and make improvements to your website.

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